Cinema is an inexhaustible window to search and find ourselves, a space of thought, confrontation and above all, an arena for the reimagination of our present. In the current context of global crisis, Los Cabos International Film Festival launches an special edition that seeks to ignite dialogue about the ways in which we relate, inhabit and create in a shared world. This fracture, a kind of glitch in our quotidian lives, presents a chance for us to shake and question the inequalities of an unsustainable system, in which creators might light the way towards a more horizontal and fair world.

We have decided to deploy this online edition from November 11 to 19, with the commitment to return to the majestic landscape of sea and desert of Los Cabos in 2021.


To provide a privileged showcase, for each of the participating films during this week of cinema, Los Cabos 2020 presents Competencia Los Cabos as the heart of our program. This thrilling encounter, conformed by seven of the most propositional films from Mexico,United States and Canada, emerges as our only competitive section. The films included in this program will be carefully curated to  create an internal dialogue among themselves, but we will also invite their filmmakers, to converse with our audience about their processes and longings.


At the same time we propose a parallel programming bar, which will be announced in the following weeks. Together with the films in competition, this section revolves around matters we consider urgent for the times we are living.


With the intention of supporting emerging filmmakers and help them to keep their projects growing after the early stages of development or postproduction, our Industry section, offers specific and concrete supports through the Gabriel Figueroa Film Fund.


Selected participants will also be able to expose and exchange ideas through one-on-one meetings, with different international industry professionals. All the Industry delegates of our 9th edition may take part in the various activities designed to discuss and delve about the possible futures that can be foreseen for our cinema.

The online edition allows us to amplify the scope of actions of Los Cabos +  to attract young talents from all over the country to the training and professionalization contents we offer.


The splendor of Los Cabos, an indissoluble component of the festival, will be present in this digital space where the most attractive environments, landscapes and corners of this destination are highlighted as an integral part of our film celebration.

Los Cabos International Film Festival