1. Narrative or documentary feature length films produced or co-produced by Mexico, United States and Canada.

2. Running time: more than 60 minutes.

3. Year of production: 2021. 

4. Premiere status:-

  • Films from the United States and Canada must be Mexican Premiere, without exception. 

  • In the case of Mexican titles, they may have participated in a previous national film festival (presence-based modality). To participate, we request the online premiere in Mexican territory.

5. The screenings of the selected films will be in a digital format. If a Digital Cinema Package (DCP) file, or another format, is required, the Festival will promptly notify the producer of the selected film. 

6. Films submitted to the Festival in previous years will not be considered, nor those in which a Festival employee held a key role in the main credits: direction, production, script, production design, edition, sound or photography. 

7. Submitting to Los Cabos International Film Festival implies the acceptance of the rules listed in the open call and current regulations (links can be found at the end of the document).



Registration of projects will be open from July 29th to September 10th 2021 at 7:00 pm (CST). For each film submitted, applicants must:


  1. Complete the online registration form. The information provided will be used for promotional material of the Festival  in the event the work is selected.

  2. Materials in physical format (DVDs, Blu-rays, etc.) will not be accepted for the preselection process.



1. The list of selected films will be published on the Festival’s official website and social media on October 14th, 2021. 

2. Once selected, the film  cannot be withdrawn from the Festival.

3. By accepting the invitation, the representatives of the film authorize its online exhibition exclusively in Mexican territory. If the public health situation allows it, the films could be screened in some of the Festival’s venues from November 10th to 17th. 

4. The director and producer will be invited to participate in the activities of the Festival Industry platform.

5. In order to participate in the Festival, the directors and/or producers of the selected films must deliver the following materials:

  • Screener material of the film, subtitled in English or Spanish, where appropriate. Full understanding of the film in English and Spanish should be guaranteed. 

  • For promotional purposes: Film trailer in HD video format and/or  two minutes clip of the film in HD.

  • Private streaming link for internal use, with password access valid until November 19th, 2021.

  • Time-coded original language and/or English dialogue lists. 

  • Digital poster. 


6. The content and writing of the catalogue will be approved and edited by Festival’s Programming Team. 

7. The Festival reserves the right to use up to two-minutes clips (from the trailer or the segment sent for this purpose) of the selected films for promotional use, including, but not limited to, television or Internet broadcasting.

8. The Festival selection committee may withdraw from the competition or programming the film or films whose directors, producers or team members are involved in actions that violate the physical or emotional integrity of third parties.




1. An International jury will judge and select winners, and its decision shall be final. The jury has the authority to bestow Honorable Mentions, which do not imply any kind of prize.

2. Cash prizes will not be divided. 

3. The awarded films must commit to include the logo of Los Cabos International Film Festival in their credits and promotional material; in all their screenings from the day the winners are announced.

4. Cash prizes will be disbursed only once a receipt from the payee is produced. The transaction will be governed by current Mexican Federal and State tax laws.

5. The amount in cash prizes awarded by the Los Cabos International Film Festival is VAT included. 



1. Screening material must be received by the Festival  before October 27th 2021 to guarantee its screening with the best possible quality. The subtitles and promotional material must be delivered October 20th, at the latest.

2. An online platform will be used for the film's screenings. It will allow a safe exhibition through the registration of users, watermarks, geographical limitation and monitoring of views.

3. At the end of the 10th edition Los Cabos International Film Festival will grant deletion certificates of the digital files provided. 




Los Cabos International Film Festival, July 29th, 2021.