Gabriel Figueroa Film Fund
Rules and Regulations

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1.   The Gabriel Figueroa Film Fund calls for projects in development stage, productions that are about to start shooting, and films with existing footage or that are starting the editing process.

2.   All submitted feature-film projects must be produced by Mexico or co-produced by Mexico and any other country worldwide.

3. Both feature-length fiction or documentary projects may participate. 

4. Production companies may participate with as many projects as they choose.

5. All submitted projects must have a producer who has produced and premiered at least one feature film, either fiction or documentary, in commercial theaters and/or festivals. Credits as associate producer, production manager or executive producer will not be considered.

6. Only projects which have never been submitted in other co-production forums in Mexico, and films in the editing process that have not previously participated in any other Work in Progress forums in Mexico may take part.

7. The projects selected in past editions of the Gabriel Figueroa Film Fund will not be able to participate again, except for projects in development that now have material filmed and/or in the editing stage.

8. Submissions that do not comply with the requirements specified in the Call for Entries guidelines will be automatically disqualified.

9. The announcement and awarding of the Gabriel Figueroa Film Fund winners will take place during the closing ceremony (November, 12, 2022) of the Los Cabos International Film Festival.

10. By submitting their projects, all candidates hereby accept the Rules and Regulations stated herein.

11. The Los Cabos International Film Festival reserves the right to extend direct invitations to projects to participate in the Gabriel Figueroa Film Fund’s different Calls for Entries.

12. Any concerns not contemplated within the present Call for Entries will be decided by the Organizing Committee.



The deadline for submitting all projects is August 27, 2022 at 7:00 pm (CST). For each project submitted, applicants must:


1. Fill in the application form (only once). 

2. Submit pre-selection material electronically, through private password-protected streaming links. 

3. The application form signatory will be the sole interlocutor to discuss any matter relating to the project’s participation in the Festival.



1.  The list of projects and feature-length films selected to participate in the GFFF-Meetings will be published on the Los Cabos International Film Festival’s official website and social media.

2. The 8 selected projects will participate in the GFFF-Meetings: one-on-one sessions with outstanding professionals from the international film industry such as sales agents, distributors, production companies, representatives from international film festivals, on-demand streaming platforms, financiers, etc.

3. The project representatives must commit to participate in the GFFF-Meetings, which will take place from November 10 to 12, 2022, during Los Cabos International Film Festival.

4. Following the announcement of the GFFF selected projects, the Festival will contact the representatives of each project.




1. The projects awarded by the Gabriel Figueroa Film Fund will be eligible to be part of the 2023 Los Cabos International Film Festival’s Official Selection.

2. The awarded projects’ representatives must sign a letter of acceptance of the award, confirming their commitment to respect the participation guidelines which apply to their category. This includes the insertion of logos of the Los Cabos International Film Festival and the Gabriel Figueroa Film Fund in the film’s opening credits, together with the caption: With the support of.

3. The winners must sign an acceptance and fulfillment agreement or contract with each award-granting company or institution.




Los Cabos International Film Festival, July 15, 2022.

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