Competencia Los Cabos

Rules and Regulations


1. Films —narrative or documentary— produced or co-produced by Mexico, the United States, or Canada.

2. Running time: over 60 minutes.

3. Year of production: 2022. 

4.  Premiere status: 

a.Films from the United States and Canada must be a Mexican Premiere, without exception. 

b.Films from Mexico: priority will be given to Mexican premieres. 

c.Mexican films with more than one screening in previous national film festivals will be discarded. 

5.The screening will be in DCP format. If any other format is needed, the Festival’s programming team shall inform in advance the representative of the selected film.

6.Films previously submitted to this call for entries will not be taken into account. If a Festival employee appears in the main credits —director, producer, screenwriter, production designer, editor, sound engineer or DOP—, the project will be discarded.

7.By submitting a film to  Los Cabos International Film Festival, each participant thereby agrees to its Rules and Regulations (links to this can be found at the end of this document).


Registration of films will be open from July 15, 2022, to August 27, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. (CST). For each film submitted, applicants must:


  1. Starting today, the registration of international projects from the United States and Canada will have a cost of 25 USD per film. here to pay For Mexican films, the cost is 5 USD here to pay here to pay

    2. Registration of Mexican films is free of charge.

    3. Complete the online registration form. The information provided will be used as       

        promotional material for the Festival if the film is selected.

    4. Send a film link. Physical materials (DVDs, Blu-rays, etc.) will not be accepted for the

        preselection process.


  1. The list of selected films will be announced on the Festival’s official website and social media on October 11, 2022. 

  2. Once selected, a film cannot be withdrawn from the Festival.

  3. By accepting the invitation, the representatives of the film authorize its exhibition at Los Cabos International Film Festival’s official venues, public health situation permitting. 

  4. The director or producer will be invited to participate in the industry activities of the Gabriel Figueroa Film Fund. 

  5. In order to participate in the Festival, the directors, producers or representatives of the selected films must deliver the following materials by October 20, 2022:

a.DCP digital file, preferably encrypted to ensure the safety of its content.

b.A screening copy of the film subtitled in English or Spanish, as appropriate (a full comprehension of the film in English and Spanish must be guaranteed).

6. Promotional and screening materials will be received by October 20:

a. Film trailer in HD video format and/or  two minutes clip of the film in HD, for promotional purposes.

b. Private streaming link for internal use and press screenings, with password access valid until November 19, 2022.

c. Digital poster and printed poster if available.

d. A one minute (maximum) video from the film director(s) inviting the audience to attend the premiere of their film. MP4 format.

7. The wording and content of the catalogue, handbills and other promotional materials will be approved and edited as deemed by the Festival’s Programming Team. 

8. The Festival reserves the right to use clips up to two minutes long (from the trailer or the segment sent for this purpose) of the selected films on different audiovisual platforms for promotional use exclusively.

9. The Festival selection committee may withdraw from the competition or film program, the film or films whose directors, producers or crew members are involved in actions that violate the physical or emotional integrity of third parties.


  1. The award given to the films in the Competencia Los Cabos, comprises a printed and/or digital certificate and a kind or cash prize.

  2. A jury made up of recognized members of the international film industry will determine the winners. They may grant Special Mentions, which do not include prizes in cash or in kind.

  3. The cash prize cannot be divided.

  4. The winning films must insert Los Cabos International Film Festival logo and caption in the credits and promotional materials, in all its screenings subsequent to the day of the award.

  5. The payment of cash prizes will be given to the recipient on receipt of invoice. The transaction will be under the regulation of current Mexican Federal and State tax laws.

  6. Cash prizes awarded by Los Cabos International Film Festival include VAT.


1. Physical screening material must be received by the Festival at the given address by October, 20, 2022.

2. Promotional materials must be delivered online by October 20,  2022.

3. Quality tests shall be carried out on all submitted material, at the Cinecolor premises so as to guarantee the films’ successful screening.

4. The screening of the films will take place at the Festival’s official venues.

5. Hard drives shall be returned one week after the conclusion of the Festival’s activities.




Los Cabos International Film Festival, July 15, 2022.

For further information, write to: