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Carolina Costa


Carolina Costa is one of Mexico’s and the United States' most renowned cinematographers in the independent film industry. She has collaborated in documentary films, short films, advertising campaigns, and feature films such as Las elegidas, Hala, Mano de obra, El baile de los 41 and Wander Darkly. She belongs to the Sociedad Mexicana de Autores de Fotografía Cinematográfica (Mexican Guild of Cinematography Authors - AMC).

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Robert Greene

United States

American documentary filmmaker, director, editor and screenwriter. He directed documentary films such as Actress, Kate Plays Christine and Bisbee ’17; he has developed a fruitful creative partnership with independent filmmaker Alex Ross Perry, with whom he has collaborated with on four feature films. He was appointed filmmaker-in-chief at the new Jonathan B. Murray Center for Documentary Journalism.

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Mara Fortes


Film and media researcher and curator. Since 2003 she has worked in film distribution and exhibition, collaborating with NGOs, such as Women Make Movies; she has been in charge of the film program in several festivals such as the Morelia International Film Festival, Ambulante and CUÓRUM Morelia. She is currently the curator of the Telluride Festival.

What has cinema meant for you during  2020?

Carolina Costa

"Cinema carries on and it will always be a way for us to connect, a way to mirror ourselves and observe our stories. I believe this will always be the case. This year, more than ever, we were able to stay connected and discover other realities. In a way, I feel that this lockdown allowed us to broaden our horizons to the world and understand that there are last voices. The art of cinema is a young one, and we must not stop changing and mutating. Faced with this pandemic, we must not only rethink the way we make cinema, but also the way we watch it."


Mara Fortes

"Cinema offers a unique way to experience space and time. During this lockdown period, this time-out, filled with uncertainty, political and environmental chaos —all those elements that make one’s world seem smaller— cinema has been the perfect antidote against catastrophism and shortsightedness; a screen for introspection, glasses to readjust our eyesight, an instrument to measure the beat of other realities, a different brain to think the world beyond our human drama. And although it disappeared from the big screen this year, it has proven that it will always find new homes."


Robert Greene

"This lost year for cinema has only increased my love for the medium and my understanding for what it can do for our souls and for our politics. Crises are everywhere: bold films are going unseen, theaters are closing, my own film has been severely delayed, etc. Now is the time to rethink what cinema means to a just and functioning society and restructure how risk-taking films – movies that help us understand who we are and help us dream of what we can be – are supported and seen. Without a vibrant cinema, new worlds are impossible."


  1. Competencia Los Cabos: Los Cabos International Film Festival, with the support of Netflix, will award a prize of 300,000 Mexican pesos in cash to the director of the film selected by our jury.

  2. Cinecolor-Shalalá Competencia Los Cabos Award:a prize of 730,000 Mexican pesos in Image Post Production Services and 250,000 Mexican pesos in Sound Post Production Services (design and premix) for the next independent feature film of the producer selected by our jury.

  3. Art Kingdom Award:a prize with a value of more than 300,000 Mexican pesos for the creation of a poster and a cinematic trailer for the commercial release of the Mexican film selected by our jury.

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