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NOV - 2020 




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Cinema is an infinite window to search and find ourselves, a space for reflection, for re-imagining our present. In the context of the global crisis that we are going through, Los Cabos International Film Festival proposes a special edition that seeks to ignite conversations on the ways in which we relate, inhabit and create a shared world. This fissure -a sort of glitch in our daily happenings-, presents us with an opportunity to overcome the inequalities of an unsustainable system, in which creators can illuminate the path towards a more equitable and horizontal world. 


We have decided to deploy this online edition from November 11 to 19, with the commitment to return to the majestic sea and desert landscape of Los Cabos in 2021.


To provide a privileged showcase, for each of the participating films during this week of cinema, Los Cabos 2020 presents Competencia Los Cabos as the heart of our program. This exciting encounter, conformed by seven of the most propositional films from Mexico,United States and Canada, emerges as our only competitive space. The films included in this program are carefully curated to  create an internal dialogue among themselves, but we also will invite their filmmakers to converse with our audience about their processes and hopes. 

From August 10th through September 3rd, 2020, fiction and documentary feature-length films, produced or co-produced by Mexico, US or Canada, may be registered to this call for entries. 

Projects must have a 2020 production or first public screening year, and a running time of 60 minutes or more.

For films from the United States or Canada, the Festival requests their Mexican premiere.

Mexican films may have participated in International festivals outside Mexico (in-person and online), and may have previous selections in in-person National film festivals. We require the online premiere in Mexico of these films. 

The online screening of our program will be limited exclusively to the Mexican territory, in compliance with strict quality and security measures.


  1. Competencia Los Cabos Award: cash prize for the director of the winning film. The specific amount will be announced before the festival.

  2. Competencia Los Cabos’ Cinecolor-Shalalá Award: for the producer of a Mexican film, consisting of $730,000 (Mexican Pesos) in Image post-production services and $250,000 (Mexican Pesos) in Sound post-production services (sound design and pre-mix). 

  3. Art Kingdom Award: for a Mexican film, valued in $15,000.00 USD, consisting of the complete process of poster and trailer creation for the premiere and exhibition of the film in cinemas. 

1. Call for entries will be open from August 10th to September 3rd, 2020 at 18:00 hrs  (CST).

2. The Official Selection will be announced on October 15th, 2020 through the festival’s website and official social media.

3. Awards and winners will be announced during the 9th edition of Los Cabos International Film Festival, which will take place from November 11th-19th, 2020.


  1. ​All entries must be registered by filling out the online application form.

  2. Entries that have been previously showcased in any commercial venue (theaters, television, streaming, video or Internet free/paid access) or that were produced for promotional purposes will not be considered.

  3. Entries that have been submitted to previous editions of this Festival will not be considered.

  4. Without exception, all works submitted to the Selection Committee must have English or Spanish subtitles when the on-screen language is not English or Spanish.

  5. All winning films must include Los Cabos International Film Festival logo/caption in their credits and any promotional material for all screenings of the films as of the day after the award ceremony.

  6. The digital screening platform in which the Festival will run is Shift 72, which will ensure the safe exhibition of films through a system that registers users, delivers watermarked streaming and limits viewing within the Mexican territory only. For films in competition, the limit of digital free tickets/views will be established within a maximum of 1000.

  7. Submission of works to Los Cabos International Film Festival implies the acceptance of the Rules and Regulations for this Call for Entries.



Rules and Regulations

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Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, México, August 10th, 2020.

​Contact: submissions@cabosfilmfestival.com