In our 10th edition we have decided to continue supporting filmmakers who are in the process of developing a film project as well as those who are about to start the production process of their first or second feature-length film.


We open our 2021 call for entries for projects in the development stage where feature-length films (fiction or documentary) produced or co-produced by Mexico in affiliation with any other country are eligible to participate.


Ten projects will be selected at different stages of development, including those who are close to starting their production and that will participate in Gabriel Figueroa Film Fund-Meetings (GFFF-Meetings). In this edition we’ll have two categories; five projects will be selected for each one:


  1. Director’s First or second films. 

  2. Projects of directors with more than two films released. 


The selected projects will be eligible to compete for the following awards: 



  1. CTT EXP & Rentals Award: With a value of $1, 284, 00.00 MXN (one million two hundred eighty-four Mexican pesos) of filming equipment rental for four weeks. 

  2. Chemistry Award: With a value of $946, 000.00 MXN (nine hundred forty-six thousand Mexican pesos) that consists of the following image post-production services: 90 hours of color correction, digital intermediate, deliveries, DCP and backups. 

  3. Piano Award: $50,000.00 Mexican Pesos cash prize (fifty thousand Mexican pesos) for first and second films, This prize is focused on encouraging the commercial release of a given project with the distributor of their choice. It also comprises a letter of intent from PIANO for its distribution in Mexico, in order to further the consolidation of the  financial scheme during the development stage.

  4. Project exchange with The Gotham: One project will be selected to participate in the Gotham Week Project Market.





  1. The current submission call will be open from July 20 through August 20, 2021 before 7:00pm (CST). 

  2. The 10 film projects in development stage selected for this section will be announced in the official festival platforms on September 28, 2021.

  3. The representatives of the selected projects must commit to participate in Gabriel Figueroa Film Fund Industry Meetings, which will take place online from November 15th to 17th, 2021, during the 10th edition of Los Cabos International Film Festival. 

  4. Winners of GFFF-Development Stage will be announced during the closing ceremony of the Festival’s 10th edition (November 17th, 2021).




The festival will offer two industry accreditations for each of the ten selected projects. The two representatives of each project will participate in the GFFF-Meetings which consist of one-on-one online sessions with professionals of the international film industry: sales agents, distributors, production companies, representatives from international film festivals, OTT’s and on-demand streaming platforms. 



1.Feature-length films produced or co-produced by Mexico in affiliation with any other country are eligible to participate.

2.The projects submitted must indicate which category they belong to:

a) Director’s first or second film. 

b) Directors with more than two films released.

3.All registered projects must count with a producer who has premiered at least one feature film, either fiction or documentary, in commercial theaters and / or festivals. Credits as associate producer, production manager or executive producer will not be considered.

4.Applications must be submitted in English or Spanish through the Gabriel Figueroa Film Fund application form.

5. The projects selected in previous editions cannot be submitted again in the same category. The projects that were selected for the in Development stage section in previous editions may only participate in the Work In Progress category.

6. Once the submission has been made through our website, the participant will receive an email indicating their participation folio number.

7. The awarded projects must commit to include the logos of Los Cabos International Film Festival and Gabriel Figueroa Film Fund in the initial credits of the film, including the legend: With the support of.

8. The Festival reserves the right to disqualify any entry that fails to submit all the required information.

9.All applications imply consent and acknowledgment of our Rules and Regulations.

10. Any concerns not contemplated within the present Call for Entries will be resolved by the Organizing Committee.



  1. Title.

  2. Original Language.

  3. Country of production.

  4. Genre.

  5. Length.

  6. Director’s info: Name, email, bio and link to previous work.

  7. Producer’s info: Name, email, bio, link to previous work and company.

  8. Logline (200 characters including spaces).

  9. Short synopsis (500 characters including spaces).

  10. In-depth synopsis (2500 characters including spaces).

  11. Director’s statement (1000 characters including spaces).

  12. Total film budget (stated in USD).

  13. Secured budget (stated in USD).

  14. Current status.

  15. Financial scheme. PDF document detailing both the assured and the to be confirmed financing as well as the possible sources and whether it is in kind or cash (maximum 4MB).

  16. Tentative release date.

  17. Still from the project in JPG (2MB maximum).

  18. Attach a PDF (5MB maximum) with the next elements:

  1. Creative project staff proposal (cinematography, production design (just fiction), cast direction (just fiction) and sound design. 

  2. Moodboard (it can be from the movie in general and/or the most representative scenes). 

  3. Links with password in this document, only in case the project is in an advanced stage.

  4. If available, enclose documents supporting awards, agreements, letters of intention and/or contracts ascribed to the project. Also additional documentation deemed relevant by the applicant.



Submit your Project

Rules and Regulations


Los Cabos International Film Festival, July 20th, 2021.




The activities of the Industry area will take place on digital platforms on the dates indicated.